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Whether you are PCSing to Fort Bliss or White Sands Missile Range, Desert View Homes would like to welcome you and thank you for your time and service to serve and protect our country. 

fort-blissFort Bliss is home to the 1st Armored Division, which returned to the US in 2011 after 40 years in Germany. Located on approximately 1.12 million acres of land in Texas and New Mexico, the Main Cantonment Area of Fort Bliss is located in northern El Paso.

One of the Army’s oldest and newest posts, soldiers have been stationed here since 1849. Rich in history, Fort Bliss was home to the Buffalo Soldier Regiments and other cavalry units who guarded the railroad workers moving westward across the continent; the 1st Cavalry Division, which was formed here in 1921 and served in the Pacific in WW II; and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. During Desert Storm, Patriot Missile units from Fort Bliss shot down Iraqi Scuds and still stand guard around the world today.

Over 30,000 soldiers and over 10,000 civilian employees are located at Fort Bliss. Including family members and veterans, the post supports nearly 200,000 people. It is the Army’s largest mobilization platform, has the largest training area (larger than the state of Rhode Island), and is host to the Army’s largest modernization/expansion efforts since the Second World War with over six billion dollars of military construction. Fort Bliss is also proud to be the home of the US Army Sergeants Major Academy. You will be pleased to know that Fort Bliss also offers one of the largest and soon-to-be newest US Army Medical Centers, the biggest on-post shopping complex, Freedom Crossing, and the most expansive MWR facilities to be found anywhere.

White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) is a United States Army rocket range of almost 3,200 square miles located near Las Cruces, New Mexico. The largest military installation in the United States, WSMR and the 600,000-acre McGregor Range Complex at Fort Bliss to the south, are contiguous areas for military testing. An important piece of American history, this area was the site used for the first atomic bomb test (code named Trinity) on July 16, 1945.

The White Sands Test Center headquartered at the WSMR “Post Area” has branches for Manned Tactical Systems & Electromagnetic Radiation and conducts missile testing and range recovery operations. Other operations at WSMR include: the Launch Abort Flight Test Complex for the Orion Project, White Sands Launch Complex 37 (built for Nike Hercules tests), and White Sands Launch Complex 38, built for Nike Zeus tests, with the Launch Control Building now used for Patriot missile firings.

For over twenty five years, Desert View Homes has offered an economical option to post housing and is pleased to offer active duty service members a special Patriots Package designed to help make moving in to your new home in El Paso or your new home in Las Cruces a little easier and a little more affordable.

 Desert View Homes. The Best Move You’ll Ever Make!

*Pricing, availability, and Patriots Package incentives subject to change without notice.

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